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The Naval History & Heritage Command provides a history of all warships. A terrific resource!

Diesel Submarine Patrol Areas...
A star () denotes the existence of a museum.

USS Cod SS 224
USS Drum SS 228
USS Silversides SS 236
USS Cavalla SS 244
USS Flasher SS 249
USS Flier SS 250
USS Gunnel SS 253
USS Runner SS 275. Also see this site. NOTE: My father, Earl D. Jennings, Jr., MoMM2c, commissioned this boat and was part of the first two war patrols. Runner was lost during its third patrol.
USS Scorpion SS 278
USS Snook SS 279. Also see Snook Memorial and On Eternal Patrol.
USS Sunfish SS 281. Alternate URLs 1, 2, 3
USS Bowfin SS 287 (terrific flash intro!) Best viewed with Internet Explorer.
USS Crevalle SS 291
USS Ling SS 297 See the New Jersey Naval Museum for a great flash presentation of the USS Ling.
USS Batfish SS 310, at War Memorial Park in Muskogee, OK.
USS Blenny SS 324 (Great site!)
USS Catfish SS 339
USS Hardhead SS 365
USS Pampanito SS 383 or use alternate URL
USS Parche SS 384
USS Queenfish SS 393
USS Razorback SS 394. Also see News item: USS Razorback (SS-394) Returns to America. Now receiving visitors in North Little Rock, AR.
USS Sea Devil SS 400. NOTE: My father, Earl D. Jennings, Jr., MoMM1c, commissioned this boat and was part of the first two war patrols.
USS Sennet SS 408
USS Torsk SS 423; includes an in-depth photo tour through the boat by Gil Bohannon.
USS Requin SS 481

Great sites for submariners and "wanna-bees"
Ron Martini's Submarine Base The BEST submarine link site on the WEB!
NavSource Naval History - Photographic history of the U.S. Navy
The Floating Drydock - "We are the largest supplier of US Navy Warship information."
On Eternal Patrol - Dedicated to all men lost while serving in the U.S. Submarine Force.
See The Sub Vet Store for Custom Submarine Merchandise has a complete listing of all WWII submarines.
Everything you might want to know about a "fleet boat" from the same manuals used in "sub school." A terrific resource!
Submarine Museums Did you know that there are currently twenty-five different museum submarines in the United States that you can get in and explore?
Historic Naval Ships Association

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