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Custom & Semi-Custom Firearms Makers


Accuracy International, LTD - tactical/sniper rifle system and custom rifles built on several actions.
ADC (Armi Dallera Custom) - offers custom-built IPSC "Race Guns." "We repair and customize all the pistols derived from the 1911, revolvers, single- and double-action handguns, AR-15 and shotguns."
Advanced Gunworks, Roanoke, TX. "We serve gun enthusiasts across the nation by offering full-service gunsmithing and gun customization from gunsmiths with more than 40 years of combined experience."
American Hunting Rifles, Inc. makes custom rifles and Howell cartridges
American Legacy Firearms. Deleted after email threat.

American Spirit Arms Corp. makes AR15,M16-style and M4 custom rifles.
Answer Products Co. builds custom rifles.
Aro-Tek Ltd. offers custom Glocks and refinishing services.
Atomitronx - gunmaker Fred Craig writes, "Atomitronx is a boutique style shop. This is the place where virtually anything is possible. If you can imagine it, then Im sure I can help you make it become a reality. Or if you see anything you like on my website and would like to have one, don't hesitate to ask about it. I have a full service shop. I do everything from repairs to complete designs."
Austin & Halleck; custom rifle makers, offering quality in-line muzzleloaders (Feb. 2003 - owned by North American Arms).


B.C. Armory -- Bruce Warren specializes in type 1911-A1 pistols and S&W revolvers. makes one of the only machine guns legal in all 50 states!
Baer, Les; see under "Les Baer"
Bansner's Ultimate Rifles LLC offers custom-made rifles and accessories.
BergaraUSA see BPI Outdoors.
Beyond 1,000 offers "Custom Target, Varmint, Hunting, & Law Enforcement Rifles" and cartridges - "Black Powder Cartridges through .50 BMG."
Big Bear Gunworks gunsmithing; specializes in custom-built firearms for "physically-challenged" shooters.
Blue Ridge Rifle Co. "Custom built rifles for every application. We build the finest Long Range Hunting, Tactical, and Benchrest Rifles in the industry."
Bluegrass Armory makes the Viper rifle in .50BMG (right- or left-hand) and the Cheyenne rifle in .408.
Bob's Custom Gun Shop (Montana) -- Dedicated to handcrafting artistic, precision Sporting Rifles & Shotguns.
Border Barrels is now building rifles for target and varmint.

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Borden Rifles offers custom rifles, new and used.
Bowen Classic Arms Corp. offers superbly customized Ruger, S&W and Colt revolvers.
BPI Outdoors - BPI Outdoors announced today [Jan 11, 2013] that its BERGARA CUSTOM RIFLES are now in production and available for sale to the public. "Bergara Custom Rifles are built using the highest quality components - such as McMillan stocks and Timney triggers. As for actions, the custom Bergara action will likely be the most popular, but a customer may also choose to have a gun built around an action that they already own. The Bergara Custom Rifle product line will consist of 5 basic models, all of which can be custom modified by the consumer to meet individual preferences.
Brazos Custom Gunworks - Gunsmith Bob Londrigan offers 1911-style guns "designed ...with one thing in mind - to maximize fit and performance for each ...customer."
Brockman's Rifles - Custom rifles by gunsmith Jim Brockman
Briley Pistol Division; maker of the Fantom pistol and several others based on the 1911A1. Also offers customized Ruger 10-22 rifles and Beretta shotguns.
E. Arthur Brown Co., Inc. offers some of the finest custom rifles and pistols.
Brown Precision - where you can find the "500-yard rifle."
Bruno Shooters Supply offers "custom benchrest and varmint rifles built to your specifications." Also offers over 200 chamberings for Thompson/Center firearms.
Bryant Custom - Precision riflesmithing by Mike Bryant.
Burns Custom Pistols - custom pistols based on the 1911A1 frame.
BWE Firearms " is a custom gunsmithing facility with over 20 years of experience in the repair, service, and customizing of firearms, 8 with a major firearms company. All of our work is done in our own shop." UZI, Sterling, HK, suppressors, custom cartridges


Cabin Creek Muzzleloading offers "high quality, historically correct, authentic products for a fair and reasonable cost.... We offer re-boring, reaming and rifling of muzzleloading barrels using traditional 18th century tools and techniques. These are just a few of the many gunsmithing services that we offer that makes our shop one of the most unique in the country."
Carniak Custom 1911-style pistols.
Cascade Arms, 52261 Kelly Springs Road, Maupin, OR 97037. TEL: 541-328-6215. (no Web presence)
Caspian Arms Ltd., 14 N. Main St., Hardwick, VT 05843. Tel: 802-472-6454 or FAX 802-472-6709. (no web site)
Chambers Custom Pistols builds and refurbishes 1911-style pistols.
Champlin Firearms, Inc. claims, "Offering quality firearms and superior craftsmanship to sportsmen worldwide for over 44 years." J. J. PERODEAU, gunmaker. High-grade shotguns.
Christensen Arms offers Custom and semi-custom graphite barreled rifles and graphite hunting stocks.
Clark Custom Guns -- fine-crafted IPSC, Team Challenge and CCW firearms. Special services on Ruger 10/22 rifles.
Cloud Mountain Armory - Home of the Thunder Sabre Family of weapons.
Cobb Manufacturing, Inc. - home of precision crafted rifles. At Cobb we manufacture the (Patent-Pending) model BA50 & FA50(T) chambered in .50BMG. New for 2006 is our MCR series (Multi-Caliber-Rifle) rifles. With our unique Patent-Pending design we have taken the AR type rifle into the 21st Century making it a true multi caliber rifle.
Cole Gunsmithing - custom shotguns.
Cooper Firearms of Montana (aka Cooper Arms) offers remarkably accurate custom rifles
[Oct. 2010] Fred Craig's custom 1911 pistols are available by emailing ATOMITRONX@YAHOO.COM. Atomitronx, 150, N. Smart Way, Pahrump, NV 89060.
Curtis Custom Shop in Wallingford, KY builds super 1911s on their frame or yours. E-mail Mike Curtis;, or telephone 606-845-4401.
Cylinder & Slide, Inc. "...your true custom handguns and custom pistolsmith shop. We still specialize in building your custom pistol or custom revolver one at a time." Builds custom handguns on 1911, Browning Hi-Power, Walther, Kahr, Ruger, Glock, Para Ordnance, and Sig handguns.


Darne USA fine shotguns from France. "Our unique guns are entirely made according to your personal requirements."
Dawson Precision --dedicated to producing the highest quality pistols for competition and law-enforcement. Alternate URL
DLASK Arms Corp. offers custom handguns, rifles and accessories, featuring the DLASK "Pro" 1911.
Doug Turnbull Restoration also offers custom guns, Teddy Roosevelt Colts and Big-Bore and Cowboy classics. Turnbull is known globally for the ability to take even the most damaged collectible guns and return them to their original look, feel and function. They also have new production firearms that incorporate the same quality look and feel as the collectibles that they are famous for restoring.
Dow Arms -- see Tactical Rifles

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E.R. Shaw makes "precision engineered gun barrels."
Ed Brown Products, Inc. High performance bolt-action rifles and 1911 handguns for those who expect the best.
Empire Rifles builds premium hunting rifles to order.
Enterprise Arms Inc. widebody custom 1911-A1 pistols
Evolution USA offers custom-made Long-range Bolt Guns, Classic English Bolt Rifles and Holland & Holland-style Double Rifles.


Johann Fanzoj (pronounced FAWN-zoy) gun and riflemakers since 1790.
Firearm Refinishing & Restoration - "I can do things not usually available, like hot blue stainless steel, deplate nickel, nitre blue, straw blue, gold plate triggers and hot blue M1 gas ports, as well as conventional hot blue, TR Gun Kote, Parkerizing and recoil pad installation." Also, repair/refinish water- and fire-damaged firearms.
Florida Arms Manufacturing Co. (FAMCO) offers AR-15 (type) uppers and lowers, 1911-style pistol frames as well as conversion cylinders for revolvers.
Forbes Rifle LLC offers custom bolt-action rifles.


Gary Reeder Custom Guns - offers superbly crafted custom handguns. Check out the Ultimate Back Up 2 .500 Linebaugh revolver crafted from your Ruger.
Gary Storm builds custom rifles using Remington Model 700 or Winchester Model 70 actions
Gatling Gun Company -- Manufacturers of fine Gatling guns, suitable for display, reenactments, or actual use. (These products are "to drool over!" -- Ed)
Gilmore Sports Concepts - custom competition semi-auto pistols.
Grand Masters LLC was Power Custom. Offers modification parts and service for Ruger products.
Grizzly Custom Guns, LLC offers superb custom lever rifles, defensive shotguns, bolt rifles and 1911-style pistols.
Gunsite Training Center Custom Shop. Custom handguns, rifles, shotguns.
Guntek, Inc., 139 Sequester Dr., Stafford, VA 22554. TEL: 540-752-5026 or e-mail or FAX: 540-752-5192. Builds custom USMC Sniper Rifles (M40,M40A1,M40A3), USMC Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR), M14 National Match Rifles, AR-15 National Match Rifles, USMC MEUSOC Pistols, National Match Hardball and Bullseye Pistols, IPSC and IDPA Pistols, PPC revolvers, Combat Shotguns and Benchrest Rifles.


Halk Guns says "Choose a barrel, pick your wood, select from an astounding array of receivers. You deserve nothing but the best...."
Hammond's Rifles - "Custom benchrest and hunting rifles our specialty.
Heinie Specialty Products Custom IPSC arms & acc.
Heirloom Precision - "Finest quality handcrafted firearms from Ted Yost, Jason Burton and Steve Bailey.
Charles Hellis shotguns; completely hand-crafted in London. They state, "One day all best guns were made like this."
Hesse Arms - Custom AR-15, FAL, 10/22. This is a post from a forum dated March 26, 2005:
"Hesse Arms had such a bad reputation that they changed their name to Vulcan Arms, but they still manufacture TRASH. I don't know if they still make ARs, but they do make .50 caliber single shot rifles that will literally blow up in your face. They will NOT stand behind their product unless they're WAY behind it."
The URL for Hesse Arms is no longer valid.
Heym Double Rifles - Renowned worldwide for their handling, accuracy and durability, each HEYM rifle represents over 140-years of experience combined with the best in modern materials, machining capabilities and craftsmanship. HEYM rifles are still built by hand, and every part of a HEYM rifle - “Lock, Stock and Barrel” - is made and finished in house. No two parts on two HEYM rifles are interchangeable: Each is hand-fitted to painstaking tolerances by a host of specialized craftsmen who average over 25-years’ tenure.
Hill Country Rifle Company, custom rifle builder. "Guaranteed to shoot 3-shot, ½-inch groups at 100 yards, with factory ammo."
Historic Arms, LLC, 1486 cherry Road, Franklin, GA 30217. TEL: 706-675-0287. Owner Len Savage offers semi-automatic versions of several historic military firearms.
HTC (High Tech Customs) Rifles offers rifles "...designed to fit your specific needs the way you want them."


Investment Arms, Inc. Fort Collins, Colorado, is proud to offer limited edition commemorative firearms.
INFINITY Firearms -- custom pistols manufactured by Strayer-Voigt, Inc.
Intertex Carousels Corp., P.O. Box 7833, Charlotte, NC 28241. Tel: 704-587-0068. Fax: 704-587-0079. Handguns, Super Automatic .38 & .45 Caliber, Made From Stainless Damast Steel, All Machined Steel Construction.
The Iver Johnson/AMAC Model 1500 long range rifle in .50 BMG is available from Lomont Precision Bullets.


J.B. Custom offers the Mare's Leg, a cut down Winchester '94 with a large loop lever.
.50 Peacekeeper custom rifles available from J.D. Jones' SSK Industries and Ed Brown Custom, Inc.
Jarrett Rifles - some of the best custom rifles available. LEFT-HAND ACTIONS available.
JP Enterprises, Inc. offers a wide variety of tactical/competition enhancements for your AR15-style rifle, your shotgun, your 1911-style pistol or your Glock. Don't want your .223 to move off-target? Have JP install their custom muzzle brake. JP also sells a wide range of AR15-based rifles for target, competition or law enforcement use.

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Kelbly's custom rifles for competition, hunting and tactical applications.
Kilimanjaro Rifles - custom hunting and "dangerous game" rifles. New for 2012: "Full custom rifle crafted specially for women: the Artemis."

Kilham & Co., Main St., P.O. Box 37, Lyme, NH 03768. Tel: 603-795-4112. Makes Prototype Firearms & Accessories.
King's Gun Works, established 1949, has been successfully serving the competition shooter, collector, hunter and black powder shooter for fifty years.
Kolar Arms, in Racine, WI, makes some of America's finest competition shotguns.
Krebs Custom, Inc. "...offer[s] the finest semiautomatic Kalashnikov rifles available today." Newly available is the KCI Rail System, "...a Picatinny Rail System designed for a drop-in fit on any standard AK-style rifle." (ie: AK-47 (AK47), etc.)
Kustom Ballistics - Custom pistol work by Neil Keller.


Lauer Custom Weaponry offers several suppressed pistols and rifles. All NFA rules apply.
Lazzeroni Arms Co. Custom rifles, ammo
Les Baer Custom, Inc. offers competition firearms.
Lew Horton -- Revolvers and custom handguns.
Although he has no web presence, no listing of "custom guns" would be complete without a contact for John Linebaugh. John developed the .500 Linebaugh and .475 Linebaugh cartridges and revolvers. His address is PO Box 455, Cody, WY 82414. Telephone 307-645-3332.
H.G. Lomas, Gunmakers, Inc. makes custom shotguns as well as sporting and safari rifles. They also offer repairs, renovations and/or modifications to such firearms. 54 W. Rhine St., PO Box 565, Elkhart Lake, WI 53020. Tel: 920-876-3745 or e-mail
Lone Star Rifle Co., Inc. -- custom rifles
LRB Arms offers a barreled, semi-automatic M14SA action ready to be dropped into an M14 stock. Choose a Criterion or Wilson barrel, available in G.I. National Match or service-grade, chrome-lined configurations. A second build level is available complete with rear sight, stripper strip guide, bolt stop, connector lock and operating rod guide.


McBros Rifles builds competition rifles like the Tubb 2000C, designed by champion high-power shooter David Tubb.
McCann Industries offers some fine custom rifles and accessories. One very useful accessory for the M1 rifle (Garand) is a gas nut drilled out to accept one of five provided hex-head screws drilled out with different size jets to vent excess gas. Selecting the proper size can prevent operating rod damage. No gunsmithing needed.
MG Arms — "Custom firearms built for the hunter … by a hunter."
Meacham Tool & Hardware Co. Inc. says "We custom build the finest single shot sporting rifles made." Check them out!
Millennium Custom - competition 1911-based pistols.
Miller Arms, maker of superior single-shot rifles merged with Dakota Arms, Inc.
Montana Rifle Co., Inc., 2593A Hwy 2 East, Kalispell, MT, 59901. The Montana Rifleman has been dedicated to providing quality rifle barrels and services for the custom gunsmiths and their clients for over 15 years. The Montana Rifle Company’s expert designers ...have designed and built an rifle action like no other; the Model 1999 Montana Action.


National Match Armory provides modifications for high-power military match rifles.
Nesika Bay Precision offers "the finest, most accurate bolt actions ever. Then make them available in 60 days or less." Both actions and complete target, varmint or hunting rifles are available. When Kyle Brown set the world record in 1000-yard benchrest competition, he was shooting with a Nesika Bay Precision Model J action.
New England Custom Gun Services, Ltd. "...specializes in top quality gunmaking, gunsmithing and firearm restoration services to the sporting arms community."
North Star West makes fine muzzleloaders custom-fitted to order.
Northern Competition - claims to be "The Leading Edge in Competition Shooting!" Most of their products (and accessories for) are based on the AR15 rifle.
Nosler (yes, the "bullet company") is offering limited-edition (just 500/year) custom rifle systems beginning in 2005.
Novak's, Inc. -- custom carry guns.
Nowlin Manufacturing -- Custom pistols.



PGWDTI Rifles - Jacob Bynum; Rifles Only. "If you want to shoot something big or something far off in the middle of nowhere, or a combination of both, this is probably the rifle to do it with."
Plinker Arms -- AR15 MSR upper conversion units.
Power Custom - see Grand Masters LLC
Precision Firearms offers custom AR-15 Type rifles.
Precision Rifle & Tool, LLC "has provided specialized custom rifles, handguns and gunsmith services for the civilian shooter and hunter and also for Law Enforcement Agencies and their SRT units since 1984."



RG-G, Inc. "Since 1991, RG-G, Inc. has catered to the homeshop hobbyist and gunsmith, offering blueprints, material kits and machined parts to build .22 calibre Gatling guns. Now, RG-G has added FINISHED, FULLY-FUNCTIONAL GATLING GUNS to its product list! These guns are roughly half scale, and feature 10 barrels, spring loaded extractors, sear disengagement switch and will function with all .22 rimfire ammo except magnum. Contact us for details and pricing."
Gary Reeder Custom Guns -- revolvers, pistols, rifles and more. Accepts questions.
Remington Arms Custom Shop.
Republic Forge lets you design your own 1911A1 at their website.
Richard's Custom Rifles offers "precision built rifles for the dedicated shooter."
Rightnour Manufacturing Co. is offering a beautiful flintlock muzzleloader for the "traditionalist" hunter.
The Robar Companies offers custom rifles, shotguns and pistols and unique internal and external finishings.
Roberts Defense offers custom 1911-style pistols.
Robinson's Custom Guns builds the "finest quality custom rifles at affordable prices!"

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Sage International website is not yet (March 2013) active. U.S. Tactical Supply " a Sage International Master Distributor and has access to Sage International's entire product line." Sage makes conversion stocks and accessories for many rifles, the newest being the M1 Carbine.
Santuri, Ltd. offers 1911-A1 Custom Pistolsmithing, Carry, IPSC Open & Limited.
B. Searcy & Co. offers fine double rifles.
Serengeti Rifle Co. - custom rifles and stocks.
Serengeti Trading Company builds quality rifles using a variety of actions, featuring their ACRA-Bond stock, a beautiful wood stock that will never warp!
Shooters Connection offers 1911-based pistols; accessories too!
Sierra Precision Rifles Target and Varmit rifles
SISK Rifles, Inc. builds the finest quality rifles and pistols at reasonable prices.
Soroka Rifle Co. makes one of the finest falling-block, single-shot rifles.
Speed Shooters International (SSI) - custom pistols/parts
S.P.S. - DC CUSTOM ARMEROS offers 1911-style pistols and competition accessories (barrels, slides, compensators, etc.)
SSK Industries offers AR-10s chambered for the new WSMs and AR-15s for cartridges up to the .458 Socom.
Sterling Arsenal - " AR15 / M16* -- We build our custom SAR-XV rifles from two base platforms, SAR-XV Gladius and Centurion, both available in 5.56MM, 6.8SPC, 300 Blackout, 458 SOCOM, and 9MM and in various barrel lengths (SBR; 16"; 18"; 20"; 24") and gas port positions (carbine, mid-length, or rifle). *NFA Select Fire models available ONLY for qualifying Government Agencies and Class 3 / SOT Dealers."
STI International offers custom components for 1911-style pistols.
Stiller's Precision Firearms "[Our] main goal is to supply the finest competition rifles the shooting enthusiast."
Strayer-Voigt - custom pistols.
Surgeon Rifles offers custom rifles and actions based on the AR15 platform.


Tactical Rifles - "Our Mission is to build tactical precision rifles and to do so uncommonly well!" Rifles carry a guarantee of ½-inch accuracy at 100 yards using factory match ammunition.
Texas Brigade Armory makes a rifle identical to the USMC M40A1 currently in use by US Marine Scout/Snipers.
Thompson/Center Arms Custom Shop page
Tromix offers unique, large-caliber uppers for the AR platform.
David Tubb designed the TUBB 2000C competition rifle built by McBros Rifles (which see).
Turnbull Manufacturing Co. "is dedicated to the faithful and accurate restoration of vintage firearms."


The UAR - Ultra-Accurate Rifle System from Innovative Design and Engineering, Inc.
(New) Ultra Light Arms offers "...custom rilfles ...available in short or long actions in calibers from .17 Remington to .416 Rigby, including .22 rimfires, the new short action magnums, super short magnums and wildcat cartridges.
Uselton Arms, Inc. offers a variety of firearms based on the 1911A1 pistol from pistolsmith Rick Uselton.


Volkmann Custom Inc. builds 1911-style pistols "One Masterpiece at a time."


Wild West Guns makes the Alaskan CopilotTM called by Jeff Cooper, one of the "three noteworthy steps" in rifle design. Also available is the Wolverine revolver, the Summitlite and ProGuide rifles and the Model 04 lever action rifle in .500 S&W! The Copilot is a lever action Marlin converted to a take-down. I had the pleasure of a close examination at the 2003 SHOT Show. Terrific product available in several chamberings including Wild West's awesome .50 Alaskan.

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Z-M Weapons makes the LR-300 rifle

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